How successful are dental implants in terms of the long term

How successful are dental implants, is the first question a person who is considering to get them is likely to ask. The first reason for this will be cost. Dental implants are the priciest dental procedure there is and are not covered by health plans so it would have to be an out of pocket cost. Secondly, there is the issue of time. Not only does it require for multiple trips to the dentist but time to recover from the minute bit of surgery needed to place the implant. Before success can be evaluated, a person must be a viable candidate, meaning healthy gums and a space that has healed from an extraction.

So how successful are dental implants in terms of the long term. The success rate of dental implants is estimated at around 98 percent. This is in terms of whether the implant has latched on securely into the jaw and that the dental crown has also been well structured. Choose a dentist who has the correct credentials to offer this procedure and who has had a good history of successful implantations.


Another issue that arises when to come to asking howsuccessful are dental implants in the long run, would be aftercare. By all means, dental implants would be much simpler to care for than normal teeth. This comes in the case of the porcelain material used to make the new crown tooth being resistant to staining and decay. It does not mean that people with implants can then lessen their oral hygiene habits. There is still the risk of plaque and bacteria making its way into the crown and implant area. Infections in this area can cause damage to the surrounding bone which would cause the implant to loosen. This is a long term issue regarding how successful are dental implants in people who do not have a good history of maintaining good oral health. Routine is important, so stick to daily cleaning and yearly dental visits. All in all, dental implants not only return a tooth to the mouth but also holds up facial features thereby slowing down the aging process.

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