Fentanyl Addiction: About Residential Inpatient Treatment

Fentanyl addiction is taking Canada by storm and not in a good way. Recent news and updates have shown the horrors and dangers of getting hooked on this type of opiate derivative. Narcotics that have pain-relieving effects are the most addictive and fentanyl is definitely on top of the list. Substance abuse and dependence has destroyed countless Canadian lives throughout the years and addiction to fentanyl is setting a new record. The aggressive efforts of the government result in the different treatment programs that focus on fentanyl and treatment of the numerous symptoms of fentanyl abuse.


Fentanyl Addiction and Residential Treatment

One of the most effective ways to treat and get rid of fentanyl abuse and dependence is through admitting to a residential inpatient treatment. Do you or a loved one need one? How do you know that you need to submit to a residential inpatient treatment program? Here are some of the indicators to help you decide:

  • Clients are required to undergo a comprehensive assessment and when the result of your evaluation states that you need medically assisted or regular detox, then you are bound to an inpatient treatment program.
  • Clients that need ongoing and 24/7 medical treatment are good candidates for an inpatient treatment especially treatment of the medical complications due to a drug overdose.
  • Clients that have the need for additional therapy will get better recovery in a residential treatment program. Patients are required to address dual or concurrent diagnoses through these therapies particularly those cases such as major depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, and anxiety.
  • Clients that require assistance such as skill training to reintegrate or transition back to society and ensure better sobriety through a healthier family, social and work environment are assisted in a residential treatment program.
  • Clients need to enter a residential inpatient treatment program if they require a comprehensive plan of aftercare to ensure their progress and avoid any relapse.

Why Residential Treatment?

A residential inpatient treatment program requires the client to be in the rehab facility 24/7 thus all progress and significant changes are monitored and recorded. The setting allows the individual to incorporate the treatment components in a specific single venue where efficiency is guaranteed. Residential treatment ensures the individual that they stay sober and clean especially during the times when they are too weak to turn their back from their Fentanyl addiction. The residential program aims to support the recovering addict 100% all the way.

The structured environment makes a world of difference in an inpatient residential treatment setting. There is a specialized plan that is being executed and the client is required to go through that in order to ensure treatment, recovery, and healing over time. There is less to zero distractions in the prescribed treatment duration.

Substance abuse is a nasty and ugly reality that all Canadians must face. Fentanyl addiction is real and so are the different effects of fentanyl abuse and overdose. Call a trusted and established fentanyl abuse rehab facility now for treatment solutions.

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