Considering Laser Hair Removal: Get the Facts First

Look, you might be a little bit lazy. You hate waking up earlier to shave because of the hairs that are making your legs look like the Amazon on a rainy season. And waxing will never do you good since it will make you look like Snuffaluffagus. So, if you want something more permanent to this problem, then you are better off with laser hair removal

Shaving can be very annoying. The process results in uncomfortable prickle. That five o’clock shadow beneath your arms? Don not lie, you understand and have felt these uncomfortable feelings. At Canada Med Laser Clinic, they understand that excess hair on your skin can be annoying, especially if you’re so much into outdoors. That is why they endeavor to give you top-notch hair removal services.

Interested in getting rid of the stubble struggle? Do you need a magical technique that permanently removes unwanted hair? Mhhhhhhh, well. But before you rush into getting one, you should brush yourself with basic facts.


1. There is no magic in Laser hair removal

This procedure relies on a cosmetic laser. This laser’s settings are adjusted depending on the type of your skin and hair. A concentrated beam of light is fired by the laser. It is then directed at the base of your skin’s hair follicles. This process kills the follicle’s root, which prevents these suckers from growing again.

2. You should stay away from the sun before your treatment

Stay out of the sun for at least 4 weeks prior to your treatment. This treatment cannot be carried out if you are sunburned — or you have a tan. So, summer isn’t the ideal time to undergo laser hair removal, especially if you are so much into outdoors. Most clients start their treatments during the fall or winter for a stubble-free skin when the summer sets in!

3. Shave areas you want get a laser hair removal

Don’t go to a laser removal clinic with a hairy body. This process is not like waxing. On that note, do not go for this process if you have had a wax lately. Remember: The beam from the laser should be targeted on your hair follicle’s PIGMENT, so the follicle should be there for the procedure to be carried out. So, shave a day prior to the appointment.

4. Stay away from spray tans, tanning lotion, plus tanning beds

If you’re serious about getting rid of your annoying hairs, queue up for some Netflix shows. Stay indoors for a while! Don’t look back.

5. The physician will first conduct a test patch on the skin

Not all skins will react well to a laser beam treatment. Some skin may experience some side effects, such as:

  • Pigment problems
  • Discoloration
  • Scarring

Therefore, you should allow your doctor to carry out a test patch.

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