When 2 or more cosmetic dental procedures are used to alter the look of ones teeth, it is referred to as a smile makeover

When 2 or more cosmetic dental procedures are used to alter the look of ones teeth, it is referred to as a smile makeover. Smile makeovers have been around for a while now but the trend for that perfect set of teeth has only really hit the mainstream recently. Smile makeovers can change the look of ones teeth entirely. The makeover can be achieved with just basic procedures or more complicated ones. It will all depend on the level of severity of a person’s teeth.

If there is just a little decay, then this can be removed with the gap being filled in with a dental filling. This procedure takes just one trip to the dentist with the only repercussion being the numbness from the an aesthetic which will go down a little while later. If there is too much of the tooth lost due to decay, an inlay or an on lay will be used to cover up the hole in the tooth. Fillings can also be used for just an aesthetic cause such as when the front teeth gets chipped. It can be done speedily so in an emergency it is the sure-fire way to go.


Smile makeovers with veneers is when a bit of permanence comes into play. Veneers are done purely out of looks. They are thin pieces of porcelain material which are attached to just the front of the tooth. They are shaped so as to add a pleasing finish to the tooth. This means getting them to be either whiter, straighter or a change in size.

Crowns play a larger role in smile makeovers. They are used both when there is very little teeth structure left and when there is no teeth whatsoever. In both cases one day crowns are the new offering at dental practices. This revolutionary system allows for a dentist to design and make the crown right at their rooms. This results in an instant case of smile makeovers. Crowns are also the final touch in the implant process. An implant will basically take the place of the tooth’s root. To this, a crown will be attached.

Selection on which procedure to go with for full smile makeovers will depend on a variety of issues but mainly on cost and time factors. There may be a long lasting finish achieved with veneers in the case of a chip in the tooth which would seem the better alternative to dental fillings though there is the cost to consider. Fillings are covered on dental plans while veneers are not. Veneers will also have to be manufactured and placed onto the tooth a week later. If you would be on a time crunch and would need your front tooth whipped back into shape immediately, hen fillings would be your best bet. It is the same with unaligned teeth. The right align invisible braces would require no removal of tooth material such as if you were to straighten with dental crowns but will require years of use for results.

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