Cosmetic dentistry South Africa is sort of the buzzword when looking for affordable, yet high quality dental improvements

Cosmetic dentistry South Africa is sort of the buzzword when looking for affordable, yet high quality dental improvements. The country has become a haven of sorts for this type of dental work. So which treatments would be best suited for someone who will be visiting the country for a short while, which would improve the look of ones teeth. Timing is an important factor for cosmetic dentistry South Africa. Some of your more extreme dentistry such as implants or teeth straightening can only be done over a couple of months. Others, require around 1 to 2 visits to the dentist with a follow up just to check that everything has formed perfect. It is an entire possibility to get cosmetic dentistry South Africa done in a short span of time, with really no down time. This means you could plan a 1 week holiday to the country and enjoy it to the fullest, laying out just a few hours for the dental treatments to be done. Many options will be available to you.


The dentist will lay out the options for you and you would be able to choose based on permanence or price point. Teeth whitening for example gives an immediate result for a brighter smile with cosmetic dentistry South Africa. It is the most basic option available and the most affordable. Dentists here use a combination of light and gel to whiten the teeth in a shorter span of time. This allows for whitening, without causing any damage to the enamel of the tooth. You will leave the dentist’s office less an hour into your consult, with that sparkling new smile. It remains one of the simplest ways to upgrade your look. The downside of this treatment option for cosmetic dentistry South Africa would be that the effects are temporary, lasting only around a year or 2 depending on how well the daily cleaning routine is maintained. If it’s just colour that you would be after, then veneers would be your next option for cosmetic dentistry South Africa.

The catch here is that a little portion of the front of your tooth will have to be taken out in order to fit in the veneer. The up side is that the results will be permanent with no need for touch ups. Veneers can be made into any colour, and the one chosen will remain. In addition to colour, they can also alter the look of the teeth by bringing about a change in shape. Veneers can become loose with constant biting and the tooth will need to be healthy enough to support them. Veneers are only for the front of the teeth. Crowns are for the entire teeth. Although their primary purpose is to provide structure to a tooth that has decreased in size due to decay or damage, they can also be utilized for aesthetic purposes. For cosmetic dentistry South Africa, ensure that the dentist uses the CEREC crown system so that it can be fabricated and fitted right then and there during the same consult.

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