Is My Anxiety Normal?

It’s no surprise that each person has experiences that are unique to them.. A story that therapists hear frequently is clients whose lives have been completely derailed by anxiety.

While a certain amount of anxiety is normal and helps motivate individuals to get on with their lives, or even out of bed in the morning. When it gets out of hand and interferes with daily functioning it might be a cause for concern.

Unhealthy anxiety might take the form of obsessing about the future, undue concern about your health or arguing with your spouse about money. These examples are some ways a person might cope when feeling anxious but not always. Fortunately this unhealthy way of coping isn’t always the way and only shows itself some of the time other times we engage healthier coping strategies.

Most of the time we use ways of coping with anxiety that work for coping with anxiety under normal circumstances. Then out of nowhere something happens even several things that can be very overwhelming. Life events like a new baby, the loss of a job, the death of a parent or an accident can be distressing. On their own those usual ways of coping with anxiety are enough but there are times when these life events happen one after another or even a few a once. While we have no control over when these things happen even though some like a new baby are happy events they can increase your level of anxiety.

The brain will then respond to what it sees as a threat to our survival from this overwhelming stress. What happens next is in order to ensure our survival the unhealthy ways of coping with anxiety take control. On an average day we are bombarded with information that can leave us anxious about our health, finances or the safety of our children. It’s not surprising that we have all this spinning around in our heads and the worrying keeps us awake.

If you’ve experienced any of this before or maybe you find yourself in the midst of life events and you might be aware that your anxiety levels are out of control. Out of control anxiety is one of the most common and treatable problems therapists help clients deal with. If you’re feeling stressed about life wouldn’t now be the time to contact Heart and Oak Therapy and arrange to meet with one of our qualified counsellors in Victoria BC.

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