The shine reflected from your porcelain veneers in South Africa is similar to a healthy tooth

You will find that majority of dentists offer porcelain veneers in South Africa. Veneers go over the front of teeth to achieve a different look for the tooth. They can be made from a variable source of material, though the best of dentists know, that porcelain offers the best results. The first thing to know about porcelain veneers in South Africa is that it is preferred because it is made from natural material making it very compatible in the mouth. This simply means that porcelain veneers will not have any adverse reaction with the tooth itself or the surrounding …

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How Does Invisalign Work?

By now most people have heard of invisalign or possibly it’s been recommended by a friend or your dentist for yourself or your child. It’s important to understand just what it consists of and how it works, so let’s look at how this treatment by a Surrey orthodontist works.


What is Invisalign?

For a long time braces were the standard in treatment to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth and the braces tend to be uncomfortable and frankly most children hate being seen in them. With invisalign you wear something that is virtually invisible made of a thermoplastic material uniquely developed …

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Cosmetic dentistry South Africa is sort of the buzzword when looking for affordable, yet high quality dental improvements

Cosmetic dentistry South Africa is sort of the buzzword when looking for affordable, yet high quality dental improvements. The country has become a haven of sorts for this type of dental work. So which treatments would be best suited for someone who will be visiting the country for a short while, which would improve the look of ones teeth. Timing is an important factor for cosmetic dentistry South Africa. Some of your more extreme dentistry such as implants or teeth straightening can only be done over a couple of months. Others, require around 1 to 2 visits to the …

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Porcelain veneers do not stain, nor can they decay

Let’s say you are in South Africa and want to take advantage of the economic climate combined with highly regarded medical professions for a quick fix, for maybe a dental concern. You only have a few days and do not want to spend too much time in recovery but would like to do some work to improve the look of your teeth. The solution comes in the form of porcelain veneers in South Africa. Going this route will see you leaving the country with a brand new look to your teeth and virtually no down time or endless amounts …

When 2 or more cosmetic dental procedures are used to alter the look of ones teeth, it is referred to as a smile makeover

When 2 or more cosmetic dental procedures are used to alter the look of ones teeth, it is referred to as a smile makeover. Smile makeovers have been around for a while now but the trend for that perfect set of teeth has only really hit the mainstream recently. Smile makeovers can change the look of ones teeth entirely. The makeover can be achieved with just basic procedures or more complicated ones. It will all depend on the level of severity of a person’s teeth.

If there is just a little decay, then this can be removed with the gap …

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Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Finally the cold of winter is leaving us and the sun is coming back! With each day the sun stays out longer, the more excited we get for spring. The freshening showers, blooming flowers, picnics at the park and weekend barbeques. Really the only thing NOT to look forward to is spring cleaning. Although nobody wants to do it, we all need to. It’s time to dig through the basement, garage, and backyard shed to get rid of all the debris, garbage, and clutter that’s piled up since the last big spring clean. Here are a few tips to help …

Considering Laser Hair Removal: Get the Facts First

Look, you might be a little bit lazy. You hate waking up earlier to shave because of the hairs that are making your legs look like the Amazon on a rainy season. And waxing will never do you good since it will make you look like Snuffaluffagus. So, if you want something more permanent to this problem, then you are better off with laser hair removal

Shaving can be very annoying. The process results in uncomfortable prickle. That five o’clock shadow beneath your arms? Don not lie, you understand and have felt these uncomfortable feelings. At Canada Med Laser Clinic

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Fentanyl Addiction: About Residential Inpatient Treatment

Fentanyl addiction is taking Canada by storm and not in a good way. Recent news and updates have shown the horrors and dangers of getting hooked on this type of opiate derivative. Narcotics that have pain-relieving effects are the most addictive and fentanyl is definitely on top of the list. Substance abuse and dependence has destroyed countless Canadian lives throughout the years and addiction to fentanyl is setting a new record. The aggressive efforts of the government result in the different treatment programs that focus on fentanyl and treatment of the numerous symptoms of fentanyl abuse.


Fentanyl Addiction and

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How successful are dental implants in terms of the long term

How successful are dental implants, is the first question a person who is considering to get them is likely to ask. The first reason for this will be cost. Dental implants are the priciest dental procedure there is and are not covered by health plans so it would have to be an out of pocket cost. Secondly, there is the issue of time. Not only does it require for multiple trips to the dentist but time to recover from the minute bit of surgery needed to place the implant. Before success can be evaluated, a person must be a …

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Options for the Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis

Do you find yourself facing daily sinus pain, headaches, chapped lips and nasal congestion? Do you routinely make use of over-the-counter remedies in pursuit of relief? You may unknowingly suffer from a condition known as sinusitis. This condition affects more than 30 million adults in the United States and many people suffer daily from symptoms that negatively affect their ability to work and be productive throughout the day. Fortunately, there are new options available for the treatment of sinusitis today that can vastly improve the condition and restore daily functions back to normal.

The Homeopathic Approach

The first step to …